Sting and Bipolar Disorder

Musician and actor Sting is thought to have a bipolar disorder. He has described in interviews feelings of depression, and even suicidal thoughts, he had during his years playing with the band The Police. He even says that he felt manic depressive, but it is unknown whether that statement referred to an actual diagnosis or was just a figure of speech.

Fast Facts:

  • While many believe Sting has a bipolar disorder, such a diagnosis has not been confirmed.
  • Sting was the main songwriter and lead singer of the band The Police before he began his solo career.
  • Sting's most famous acting role to date has been his performance in the movie Dune released in 1984.
  • Including music from The Police and his solo career, Sting has sold over 100 million albums.
  • Sting has received sixteen Grammy Awards for his musical accomplishments.
  • Many celebrities have lived with mental illness, see our slideshow on celebrities with mental illness for more.