Smoking Cessation in Las Vegas

Smoking causes many health problems such as lung, esophageal, laryngeal, throat, pancreatic, stomach and kidney cancer. Smoking also causes heart and lung disease, stroke, bronchitis and emphysema. Additionally, smoking while pregnant is harmful to the developing fetus. Taking the step to quit smoking improves overall health and reduces the risk of premature death from smoking-related illnesses. In Las Vegas, there are numerous organizations, agencies, programs and support groups available to assist you to quit smoking for good.

Fast Facts:

  • Smoking cessation programs in Las Vegas can be one-on-one or within a group.
  • The cost of a smoking cessation program in Las Vegas can be free of charge or fee per session (single or extended weeks).
  • Programs are often held at community centers, hospitals and private practices.
  • There are two Nicotine Anonymous meeting locations in Las Vegas, held at CCSN Campus and Stairway II.
  • Alternative methods to quit smoking are available at hypnosis/hypnotherapy, laser therapy and acupuncture clinics in Las Vegas.