Psoriasis and Pregnancy

Overall, having psoriasis has no bearing on conception or pregnancy; however, treatment methods may need to be evaluated to ensure they are safe for both mother and baby. Many women who suffer from psoriasis and become pregnant report a decrease in psoriasis symptoms throughout the pregnancy, although the symptoms will return after pregnancy. Some physicians believe the improvement in symptoms is due to a change in the hormone levels of pregnant women.

Fast Facts:

  • There is no clear evidence to suggest that psoriasis will increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • Just as some psoriasis medications can be harmful during pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers should use caution when taking medications while nursing. Be certain your physician or dermatologist knows you are breastfeeding your baby.
  • If only one parent suffers from psoriasis, the baby has only a 10% chance of developing the disease. If both parents are psoriasis sufferers, the baby will stand a 50% chance of developing psoriasis at some point in his or her life.