Psoriasis and Olive Oil

Olive oil is helpful in treating psoriasis (especially scalp psoriasis). Warmed olive oil applied to the scalp will help the scales to become plump, soft, and easier to remove. Once the scales are removed, the psoriasis patches are easier and more effectively treated with psoriasis medications or medicated shampoos.

Fast Facts:

  • Instead of heating the olive oil, you can also apply room temperature olive oil to the scalp, wrap hair in plastic to hold in heat, and sit under or use a hair dryer to speed the process.
  • Because olive oil is an emollient, it will leave all the skin on the scalp moisturized, creating a healthier scalp and perhaps preventing the spread of psoriasis.
  • Olive oil can also be used on any other psoriatic areas of the body to help soften the skin. Do not use olive oil on broken skin, however, without speaking to your dermatologist or physician.
  • Olive oil supplements can offer some benefits to psoriasis sufferers; however, the results are typically not seen immediately.