Postpartum Depression Care Plan

Common care plans for treating postpartum depression include a medical evaluation to rule out physiological problems, a psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy and if needed, medication. Women should be taken seriously when symptoms of postpartum depression occur. It is important that they continue the care plan even after they feel better, as discontinuing treatment too early can cause symptoms to come back.

Fast Facts:

  • One of ten new mothers experiences postpartum depression symptoms.
  • Family members, as well as mothers diagnosed with PPD, can benefit from counseling. It can help them understand what is happening, and how they can assist the recovery process.
  • A British study showed that new mothers receiving specialized care from a midwife for the first few months after the baby's birth were up to 40% less likely to suffer postpartum depression.
  • This screening tool can help you determine the severity of your depression. Speak with your doctor with your results.