Olive Tree Allergy

The olive tree, or Olea europaea, is a major cause of seasonal allergies. The olive tree is found in the Mediterranean, Asia, South America, Australia, Africa, and the southwest United States. If you are allergic to olive tree pollen, you may experience asthma, itchy eyes, runny nose, wheezing, coughing, and sneezing during the spring. If you are suffering from olive tree allergies you can relieve these symptoms by using over-the-counter or prescription antihistimines.

Fast Facts:

  • During the spring when the olive tree blooms, try to stay indoors as much as possible and keep windows closed.
  • Have your doctor run an allergy test to see if Olive tree pollen is causing your symptoms and have your doctor administer an allergy shot, also known as immunotherapy.
  • Olive tree pollen has at least 10 allergenic components.
  • In the United States, olive trees predominantly grow in California and Arizona.