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Many aspects of developmental changes are continuous and do not display noticeable milestones of change. Continuous developmental changes, like growth in stature, involve fairly gradual and predictable progress toward adult characteristics. When developmental change is discontinuous, however, researchers may identify not only milestones of development, but related age periods often called stages. A stage is a period of time, often associated with a known chronological age range, during which a behavior or physical characteristic is qualitatively different from what it is at other ages. When an age period is referred to as a stage, the term implies not only this qualitative difference, but also a predictable sequence of developmental events, such that each stage is both preceded and followed by specific other periods associated with characteristic behavioral or physical qualities. ...more from Wikipedia

Fast Facts:

  • Children change and develop rapidly and it is important to know what milestones your child should be reaching.
  • Parents should educate themselves about the development and health of their child.
  • There are many resources available online to receive advice and information about child health issues.