Infective Endocarditis Treatments

The treatment for infective endocarditis depends upon the cause of the endocarditis, how bad it is, and the patient's overall health. The first step is to treat the infection with antibiotics. This is typically done in the hospital intravenously for about two weeks, however it may take up to eight weeks to rid the infection. Medications that may also be given are to help with the heart, blood pressure, body fluid balance, prevent clotting, and to improve breathing and pain. Approximately 15-25% of patients will require surgery to repair damage done to the heart valves. The earlier treatment is sought the better the prognosis, however even with treatment the symptoms may return.

Fast Facts:

  • If untreated infective endocarditis is always fatal.
  • There are no special diets for people with infective endocardits and activity limitations depend upon the severity of the disease.
  • Neurological complications from the disease are frequent.