Good Jobs for People with ADHD

Finding the best job for someone with ADHD is important. Since symptoms of ADHD vary in individual cases, the best way to find a job for you is to consult a career counselor. Someone with ADHD should have an optimal work space. This means somewhere quiet with little or no distractions. Finding a job where your hours are flexible may also be helpful. This way, distractions from other employees can be lessened by working earlier than others or later than others. There is no single job that is perfect for someone with ADHD, just a job perfect for you.

Fast Facts:

  • Someone with ADHD needs to find their strengths and weaknesses before looking for a job.
  • Asking an employee to accommodate you means having to disclose your ADHD.
  • Setting short term goals for yourself at work is important for people with ADHD.