Enlarged Heart Dangers

The dangers or complications from an enlarged heart depend on what part of the heart is enlarged. A person with an enlarged heart may be more likely to form blood clots, which can cause an embolism. Other dangers associated with an enlarged heart include atrial fibrilation, angina, arrhythmias, stroke, and sudden death.

Fast Facts:

  • An enlarged heart is also known as cardiomegaly or a hypertrophic heart.
  • An enlarged heart isn't really a disease, but a symptom of another condition.
  • Complications may also arise from the original cause of the enlarged heart. An enlarged heart can be due to an another disease, or because a heart attack or virus weakened it, or it can be due to problems like leaking heart valves.
  • The most serious type of an enlarged heart is an enlarged left ventricle (left ventricular hypertrophy); this can lead to heart failure.