Central Nervous System Depression Symptoms

Central nervous system depression, also known as CNS depression, is a decrease in activity of the nervous system. Symptoms of this condition can be slowed breathing and slowed heart rate. Use of drugs and alcohol can induce these effects. Some medications, like sedatives, anti-convulsive medications, and anesthetics, can also cause CNS depression. In the hospital, this is treated by maintaining blood circulation and regular breathing.

Fast Facts:

  • Other symptoms of CNS depression are: impaired thinking, slurred speech, impaired perception, slow reflexes, and fatigue.
  • Severe CNS depression can cause coma and potentially death.
  • Drug treatment may be used to increase blood circulation by stimulating the activity of the heart.
  • Household contaminants that may cause CNS depression include: radiator fluid, de-icing agents, dry cleaning chemicals, degreasers, and commercial solvents.