Bipolar Disorder and Anger Outbursts

A bipolar disorder is a pattern of moods, where emotional highs (mania) follow emotional lows (depression). Anger outbursts may be a symptom of a bipolar disorder. This may also be accompanied by aggression and agitation. Because of sudden changes in mood, people with bipolar disorder may find they have angry outbursts in frustrating situations.

Fast Facts:

  • Everybody gets angry sometimes; having an anger outburst does not mean you have a bipolar disorder.
  • Only a professional psychologist or psychiatrist can determine if your anger outbursts are a symptom of a bipolar disorder.
  • You can take an OrganizedWisdom quiz on bipolar disorder to help shed light on whether or not you may have this condition.
  • If you tend to get angry often: Have a plan for how you want to respond the next time you get angry, look into relaxation techniques, and remove yourself from stressful situations.