Best Cities for Allergies

With more than 20 million children and adults living with asthma in the United States, finding an allergen-free city can be a hard task. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) out of 100 cities tested, Cape Coral, Florida, is the best city in the United States to live if you suffer from allergies.

Fast Facts:

  • Of the list compiled by AAFA, St. Louis, Missouri, was ranked as the #1 "Asthma Capital" due to a number of factors including a higher than average pollen score, continued poor air quality, and a lack of "100% smoke-free" laws among others.
  • Spring-time allergies last for six to eight weeks between March and May.
  • Cities in the Southeast such as Knoxville, TN., Charlotte, NC, Augusta, GA., and Little Rock, AR, tend to rank higher on the list.