Basilar Migraine Causes

There are many causes of basilar migraines. One of the causes of this type of headache is sleep deprivation. Another cause is female hormone changes or the start of menstruation. Other triggers of basilar migraines include alcohol, stress, bright lights, and physical exertion. Scientists once believed the basilar artery at the back of the head was the source of these headaches. Research is now pointing to other origins.

Fast Facts:

  • Since basilar migraines are rare, less research has been done on their specific causes and treatments.
  • These headaches are also known as basilar-type migraine, Bickerstaff syndrome, brainstem migraine, and vertebrobasilar migraine.
  • Basilar migraines occur most frequently in adolescent girls and young women.
  • Basilar migraines are known mostly for their auras.