Advair Warnings and Precautions

There are warnings and precautions you should be aware of when taking Advair. In some cases, use of this medication may cause a heart rhythm condition called QT prolongation. Be sure that your doctor is aware if you have any heart problems such as heart failure, slow heartbeat, QT prolongation on an EKG, or a family history of these conditions.

Fast Facts:

  • Salmeterol, an ingredient in Advair, may be associated with serious asthma attacks or asthma-related death in some rare cases.
  • Although very rare, some people who are highly allergic to milk protein may have an allergic reaction to Advair.
  • There is a chance that Advair may slow growth in children.
  • Use of Advair may increase your risk of developing infections.
  • Advair is a brand name for the combination drug fluticasone and salmeterol.