Acupuncture for Psoriasis

Acupuncture is a supplemental treatment that can be used alongside traditional psoriasis treatment options. Little evidence is available to support acupuncture as a primary treatment option, but acupuncture may be effective in preventing triggers that cause psoriasis. Psoriasis can be triggered by stress, cigarette smoking, or physical illnesses; acupuncture can be used to ease tension, temper cigarette cravings, or relieve some illnesses.

Fast Facts:

  • Acupuncture should not be used as a primary treatment for psoriasis.
  • Common psoriasis treatments may involve corticosteroids, oral medication, or light therapy.
  • Treatments are usually prescribed on a case-by-case basis; one person's psoriasis treatment may not be effective for another person who also has psoriasis.
  • A person with psoriasis may require multiple types of treatment over their lifetime as the skin can grow resistant to certain treatments.