ADHD and Massage

Massage therapy is commonly associated with pampering and relaxation, but it is also beneficial as a treatment method of various conditions and disorders. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterized by behavior that is "fidgety," impulsive and overactive. A research study by Touch Research Institutes (TRI), found that children with ADHD who received regular massage were less hyperactive and more productive during classroom activities. A licensed massage therapist usually performs the massage but parents can massage their children as well.

Fast Facts:

  • Massage calms hyperactive behavior and contributes to improved concentration and ability to focus.
  • In one study, children aged 7-18 who received a massage for twenty minutes twice a week reported an overall happiness and demonstrated improved mood and attentiveness.
  • In another study, adolescents diagnosed with ADHD who were taught tai chi postures and breathing exercises were perceived as less anxious and hyperactive.
  • Adults who received massage were found to be less depressed and more focused.